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Charmaine has achieved so many great things in her life, yet she is continually helping others to become better. I have enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with Charmaine on a few projects and she is a delight to work with. She excels in Leadership, Resilience & Courageous Dialogue and is a gifted Best Selling Author. I am a huge fan of Charmaine and will always make the time to offer my support to her in any future endeavors.

Mike Mack, MBA, CEO at X5 Management

Charmaine Hammond was a recent guest speaker at Renison University College. She spoke with our students about living their best life and making choices that would help them achieve their vision. I was impressed with Charmaine’s professional yet friendly delivery. She involved people in her presentation and kept their interest through real-life stories of how she made positive change in her life. As one of Charmaine’s professors when she was a student at Renison University College, I am pleased and proud to see how she used her education from Renison to assist her with her career path.

Tom Brenner, Professor at University of Waterloo

Charmaine Hammond and Toby presented “The Toby Way to a PAWsome 2011” at the2011 Edmonton Pet Expo in January, and 2011 Mom, Pop & Tots Fair in March. The presentations at Pet Expo fit right in with our overall messaging of responsible pet ownership, and that pets are forever. The presentations at the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair were crowd favourites, as the children were ecstatic to be able to meet Toby. Again, the message was a very positive one, and helped to put forward the idea that pets are forever, even when they destroy your house!  Charmaine is an amazing speaker. She easily adapts her style to the audience, which is key. She is able to speak in a challenging environment, like a tradeshow, where there are many distractions for both herself and the audience. Toby was delightful, and put his two cents in often! He was acrowd pleaser for sure.

We would not hesitate to have Charmaine and Toby back again. Their ability to adapt is key for our purposes. It was a pleasure working with them before, during, and after our events. The generous donation of book sales to our charity of choice was an added bonus that really stuck out in our minds.

Augusta Reinich
Assistant Show Producer
Family Productions Inc.
2nd Floor, 4634-90 A Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B 2P9
P: 780-490-0215

Charmaine, Chris and Toby all enjoy sharing their book and enthusiasm for animals with everyone they encounter.  Toby's bark gets people's attention and the story keeps it.  People love that Toby (the dog) puts his own stamp on the book while Charmaine shares his heart-warming story.

Karrie Ahlf - General Manager - Chapters #966  Sherwood Park

“Where were you…. you missed the best assembly ever!”   Quote from a grade 11 teen parent.  Toby and Charmaine were amazing… inspirational and motivational in their presentation to 100 teen parents.  Toby and Charmaine reinforced to these young parents they have potential and when we ask for support, others can help us reach our goals.  Toby is a licking and wagging reminder of the possibilities when we put our energies into positive directions
Thanks Toby and Charmaine for a message of hope!   We can’t wait to distribute your book to all 100 students!

Terra Centre for Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Braemar School
Edmonton, Alberta

Charmaine, your role as Emcee was challenging due to the many changes and YOU rocked the house. Your role as an expert was Motivating, Outstanding, Inspiring, Strategic and Tremendous! The attendees were engaged and moved to action! Your commitment to excellence is evidenced in everything you do! I so appreciate your dedication and diligence in understanding the needs of the group and also your gift in sharing.  THANK YOU Charmaine for demonstrating the power of giving first. Charmaine, YOU make a massive difference in the world!

Joanne V

Jo-Ann Vacing

Executive Managing Director AB

"If your looking for someone to present at your next conference, seminar, etc. someone who is a dynamic, motivating, inspiring and a completely transparent "walk the talk" kind of woman, Charmaine's for you! She's funny and can rock a room and at the same time Charmaine shares Professional speakerknowledge that will transform your life!"

Janet Bray Attwood

NY Times Bestselling Author - The Passion Test - the effortless path to living your life purpose

“Jack Canfield says that there are two kinds of people: givers and takers. Charmaine Hammond is a giver. She exemplifies the spirit of giving, making connections, and supporting [WINDOWS-1252?]other’s growth. As a colleague in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, I have experienced all three. If you ever have a chance to hire Charmaine, jump at it!” October 15, 2009.  Val K

Val Kinjerski, PhD , Owner , Kaizen Solutions

Charmaine's work ethic and passion for inspiring others is tremendous. Charmaine walks her talk and lives her life to fullest; gleaning life lessons and experiences. Through living full out along with her engaging bubbly personality, Charmaine inspires others to be more than they have ever been before.” Katie S.

Kaytie Stack , Owner , K9 Awareness

“Charmaine is the type of person I admire most; a person who walks the walk without all the talk, talk, talk. As a colleague in the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, I have watched Charmaine implement her plans and follow through with her actions and as a result, her personal and professional growth has been astounding. She didn't just write GPS Your Best Life, she is living it. Though focused, inspired and on fire with her speaking and writing, she still maintains a quiet, humble and grateful demeanor that is a rare and attractive quality. She is a powerful role model for any woman in business who wants to live their passions and live a value driven life.”

 Lisa Chell , Owner , Lisa Chell's Take Action Training

July 6, 2010

Charmaine presented Igniting Resilience, Inspiring Possibilities to our staff of about 60 who work with children with special needs, their parents and community partners.  Her messages were inspiring and practical.  Staff reported days and weeks after Charmaine’s presentation that they were using her strategies for reducing stress and building resilience to help them in both their work and personal life.  We will be having her speak again to our staff in the near future on the topic of Courageous Dialogues.  Staff are excited about this upcoming session as it is often very difficult for people in “helping professions” to engage in potentially contentious conversations with each other or with the clients we serve.  Charmaine helps expand staff’s toolboxes and increase their confidence.  Engaging her is well worth the investment of our time and money.

Linda Smith
Executive Director
Children’s Services Centre
An exceptional place for exceptional children

"Ask Charmaine Hammond for an idea or two, and you likely will get 12. And the really surprising thing is they will all be great ideas! When Charmaine and I did some brainstorming together, the process got me all fired up to use lots of new approaches - not the same old, same old. Charmaine really listens to the need or issue, and then brings both her creativity and her integrity to the process of launching you out of that “stuck for ideas” place into a whole realm of new thoughts. Great ideas and the enthusiasm to tackle them: that’s what Charmaine will create for you!"  Ginny McMinn, President, McMinn HR™
www.mcminnhr.com and www.askginny.net

Ginny McMinnGinny McMinn,

First of all, I want to tell you thank you, and express my appreciation for your openness, kindness, and sharing spirit. Secondly, I want to thank you for your friendship, and interest in helping me grow my business.  You gave me so many great and useful ideas today, and I am declaring June 11th my Charmaine Day!

Joy Leggatt, Speaker from Texas     http://joyleggett.com/

Charmaine Hammond is an innovative success driven speaker and author who strives to make the world a better place. I have had the honour to share in her passions as we co-hosted Align Your Passion Purpose and Power in 2010 event as we share the stage with New York Times Best-selling Author Janet Atwood. Together, our energies have ignited and inspired our book GPS Your Best Life (TM): Taking You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be to be released early 2011. Her positive attitude and priority on value make her shine!


Debra Kasowski

In March of this year, I had the opportunity to hear Charmaine and Debra describe how their GPS Mapping worked. I couldn't believe it.  I, all of a sudden got really excited as I knew in my heart I could make this come true if I followed their advice.  My goal is to have a Womanition Magazine in all the major cities in Canada.  This is so achievable. I'm sure my eyes were popping out of my head.   I realized from their mapping I had to be prepared, organized and ready to move forward.  I would recommend these ladies and their incredible system, if you are looking to take your company to the next level.  Think big people!  It could happen.

  Dorothy Briggs, Womanition/Vavasaur PublisherDorothy

The session was very uplifting, it gave me a sense of belonging within my team at work and also offered me the opportunity to learn valuable communication skills that I can use at home and work!     
Michelle, Parent Link Worker

I have had the pleasure of booking Charmaine to present twice for the West Edmonton Business Association.  Both times she totally captivated the room and was swarmed after her presentation by my business colleagues.  I would highly recommend Charmaine if you are looking to book a great presenter that will wow your audiences with great tips on team build and working with passion.  As a fellow eWomen Network member I have always admire Charmaine's integrity and passion in all that she does.

Catherine Vu – West Edmonton Business Association And Proactiveit www.proactiveit.ca

I had the pleasure of attending Charmaine’s workshops at our annual conference.  Charmaine’s advice and tools she uses for ethical decision making can be applied to any profession and also to our daily lives.  Charmaine also facilitated a discussion group and was excellent at setting the boundaries for discussion. That is definitely something which I have taken away is the need to have boundaries in potentially challenging situations both in your personal and professional life.  Thanks Charmaine!
Jacki Blatz, RDH

“It was great to find out the work styles of my team members - Charmaine’s session helped me understand my coworkers’ needs better and I think she has helped me to build a stronger team.”
Denise Brattinga, Finance Manager

“Charmaine had a very warm and personable delivery: I could have listened to her for much longer. I found the skills she taught very easy to apply, and I know that everyone in the room took away a few nuggets they could use.”
Katherine Loughlin, Market Development Manager

Not only did our staff have fun with Charmaine, we came away with individual action plans to help us work more effectively within our teams based on our own working styles. Not only that, but Charmaine followed up with post-workshop reminders that helped us keep the material fresh. Alberta Milk will invite Charmaine back and would recommend Charmaine’s session to any group looking to improve their team dynamics.
Daria Taylor, CHRP, RPR, Human Resources Specialist

"Charmaine was an excellent facilitator! Her process helped our group see the forest for the trees. We went from  being a group with clear conviction, but no real vision, to one with a focus, clear goals and renewed energy. We are now confident that we have the skills to meet our goals and to continually set new ones for the future. Charmaine was invaluable in helping us put this process in perspective."
Tricia, V.R.A. Alberta

Stop!!  Look no further!!  Charmaine Hammond will no doubt have YOU and YOUR TEAM bouncing forward through change, conflict, challenge, and adversity.  Your company is a great place to work, right?  Then, go ahead.  Make that call.  Charmaine Hammond's “Keeping It Real” style will inspire people to action, and move everyone to their next level of performance.  Won't it feel great to know that you're working with one of the best?  I highly recommend Charmaine Hammond.
Robert Manolson, Creator & Facilitator Powerful Play ExperiencesRobert

“We just loved working with Charmaine. She took the time to research and understand the unique challenges we face at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation where we work with volunteer committees year round to plan the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. The techniques she taught us will go a long way in helping us recognize and be proactive when dealing with conflict. Charmaine’s intuition, insight and flexibility made for a very effective workshop with our team. She came fully prepared with clear objectives and agenda but was full able to adapt the discussions throughout the day to in order to address our most pressing needs.”
J. Poon and S. Braiden - Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

"Participants commented on the high level of energy, interaction between speakers and with the audience, knowledge of the material and good information to take back to their workplace. We are also most impressed with your level of professionalism, eagerness to assist and attention to detail. We thank you for your superb collaboration and efforts and look forward to working with you again soon!
N. Pinchuk - IPM- Institute of Professional Management



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