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A professional keynote speaker Charmaine helps your teams.


Who better to lead courageous dialogues and training to inspire resilient teams than Charmaine Hammond?

More than two decades of experience working with teams and in high conflict organizations/situations, she is an expert in helping move beyond conflict through courageous dialogue.

Beginning her career as a Correctional Officer, she worked in adult and youth institutions, and later managed young offender facilities before moving to Alberta in 1991. As a Contract Negotiation Specialist for government, she was responsible for contract negotiations and monitoring in the northeast region of Alberta. She was a Chartered Mediator and Conflict Management Specialist for 10 years, mediating disputes, facilitating training and coaching new practitioners.

Charmaine has a solid background in leading courageous dialogue and helping teams bounce forward through change, conflict, challenge and adversity. She has been a successful business owner since 1997, owning two businesses in Fort McMurray, Alberta prior to relocating the business to Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Charmaine has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management, a BA in Social Development Studies.

Identifying what gets in the way of success and building solutions, communicating for success and strengthening relationships are the foundations of Charmaine's business. Professional Speaker, facilitator, and consultant Charmaine helps businesses, organizations and groups build tomorrow's solutions today through education, innovation and motivation. Owner of Hammond International Inc. she helps teams and individuals reach and exceed their potential through personal and professional development.

Having spoken in five countries to date, audiences find Charmaine to be a dynamic speaker who engages the audience and challenges participants to take bold and intentional actions, taking learnings to the next level. She weaves in humour, motivation and stories in her presentations and creates the opportunity for meaningful impacts and transformation.

Keynotes, Presentations, Seminars and Workshops

  • Bounce Forward- building inspired and resilient teams
  • Courageous Dialogue
  • Teamwork by Design (not default)
  • Leading through change, challenge and crisis
  • 50 Shades of collaboration- building engaged teams and workplaces

Charmaine’s interactive, inspiring and educational presentations are available as keynote speeches, half-day sessions, or full day workshops.

Charmaine’s presentations are carefully tailored to each group that she speaks to, the format can be changed to suit your group’s needs. Charmaine will design each program around your company’s needs, objectives, and culture. People who have enjoyed Charmaine’s presentations include companies seeking to strengthen their teams, organizations experiencing change and challenge, individuals seeking to advance their personal and professional communication and relationship skills.


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