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This free ebook walks you through practical ways to reduce stress, bounce forward through challenge, and keep your team inspired.

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Welcome to Hammond International Inc., the leaders in building resilient and inspired teams!  We are committed to improving lives by teaching kindness, acceptance, and respect through our Bounce Forward™ approach!

It has been said that business is 80% about the people! How much of your work day do you spend dealing with people issues, such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, improving morale, and managing relationship challenges?  Communication, conflict resolution and collaboration are essential to team and business success.

If you are searching for a transformational keynote speaker, a trainer, an expert in leadership, building healthy teams and solving people issues, you need look no further.  Charmaine works with businesses, leaders and teams to overcome the hurdles to success, and build the team that bounces forward during difficult times.

Charmaine will work with your company, leaders and teams to:

  • identify what gets in the way of success
  • Bounce Forward™ to build inspired and resilient teams
  • help teams have the conversations that matter most, and are mostly avoided
  • and solve the “people issues” that stand in the way of getting to results.

"If your looking for someone to present at your next conference, seminar, etc. someone who is a dynamic, motivating, inspiring and a completely transparent "walk the talk" kind of woman, Charmaine's for you! She's funny and can rock a room and at the same time Charmaine shares Professional speakerknowledge that will transform your life!"

Janet Bray Attwood

NY Times Bestselling Author - The Passion Test - the effortless path to living your life purpose


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